Celltone Skincare

Celltone Skincare

Celltone Skincare

When I mention Celltone Skincare the first words that pop to mind has to be snail gel extract. One of nature’s most beautiful secrets.

Snail gel exctract is packed with nutrients such as antimicrobial, hyaluronic acid and glycoprotein. What you might wonder does all this mean?

All these elements is what helps protect snail’s skin from damage, dryness, infection and UV rays, for you lovely ladies below is what all these elements means for your skin.

Dry Skin
Wrinkels & strech marks
Acne & rosacea
Age spots & freckles
Scars & blemishes

Remember a few weeks ago I posted about the terrible outbreak I have been dealing with?

Well after a visit to the Dermatoligist I was given a short course of medication that is know to dry out skin, and for someone who already suffers with dry skin this news almost send me running!

The breakouts have cleared (for which I am so thankful) but the dryness has remained! It’s pretty bad making my skin all patchy almost like im peeling. I continued with my regular skincare products but it just didnt provide the extra moisture I needed and also left my skin feeling a little sensitive.

So I was quit open to trying somthing new when I received these lovely products from Celltone, and ladies I am blown AWAY! These products are first of all afordable and secondly they deliver! I am even capable of using foundation again without it looking like the paintwork is coming off.

Below is a breakdown of what I am currently using and why this skincare range will be in my daily routine for a long time coming.

Face Care

Celltone Skincare

First up is the 6 step daily/weekly face care range. These products are all paraben & perfume free which makes them suitable for all skintypes.

They are also packed with some amazing natural ingriedients which include Chamomile, Jasmin and Witchhazel extra. After using this 6 step range I could immediatley feel a vast improvement in the texture and appereance of my skin.

The dry patches are gone and my skin is much more hydrated. I also love that these products come in beautifully easy to use pump containers. No mess and just the right amount of product.

Exfoliating Gel & XTRA Hydrating Treatment

Exfoliating Gel & XTRA Hydrating Treatment

I am an exfoliating addict! I love how it instanly brightens even the dullest complexion, obviously with the medication i am currenlty using I have been a bit weary of exfoliating. Lucikly Celltone has an amazing Exfolioting gel wich is super gentle on the skin and left my skin feeling and looking amazing!

I used it togheter with XTRA Hydrating treatment to ensure I get some extra hydration and I was left with no redness or any irritation from the exfoliater.

Tissue Oil

Tissue Oil

And Last but not least Tissue Oil. Tissue Oil is just a must have in any beauty cupboard. The benefits are endless

It helps prevent stretch marks due to improved elasticity.
Locks in moisture which can assist with skin repair and healing.
Celltone Tissue Oil is essential in growing teenagers,
Pregnant moms,
Golfers or any sports-players who spend long periods in the sun, ageing skin,
Anyone who spends time in air-conditioned environments.

What I love most about the Celltone Tissue Oil is that it’s immediately absorbed by your skin. Leaving no oily greasy residue lingering on your skin. I apply it every night after my bath/shower onto my skin before I towel dry.

It has left my skin hydrated and soft and no need to apply a moisturiser.

The website also features a nifty Skin Analysis app to help you determine the products best suited for your specific needs/http://www.celltone.co.za/welcome-skin-analysis-app/

Ladies, if you are looking to change up your skincare, espicially with the dry cold winter month I can highly recommend Celltone Skincare. It’s an affordable brand with results that deliver. Celltone is available at Dischem Edgars and celltone

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