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Okay, ladies, I am about to tell you about one of my favorite products that I have been using the last couple of months, Motherkind Glow Mama! Now let’s take a moment to talk about Collagen.

We always see this word on anti-aging products. Why!? Because Collagen is the little guy that keeps those naughty little wrinkles at bay.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies. It is found in our muscles, bones, skin, blood vessels, and digestive system and tendons.

Collagen is what helps give your skin elasticity and strength and replacing dead skin cells.  In simple words, Collagen is the glue that holds your body together.

Unfortunately, as we start ageing our collagen production also start slowing down. Hello wrinkles, sore joint and sagging skin.



Now, ladies, this is why Motherkind is going to be your new best friend. Collagen can be consumed through eating food like Bone broth, but I doubt anyone is up for a cup of that every day.

Aside from the more obvious benefits of collagen which are well market such as its anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle, forever youthfulness properties, here are some extra surprising benefits which recent studies have proven:

Thicker hair (Post-partum hair loss is a real thing)
Stronger nails (Brittle nails be gone)
Clear & glowing skin (Get your preggy glow back)
Faster recovery (Get that pre-preggy body back)
Promotes higher metabolic rate (Stimulant free)
Boosts energy levels (Stimulant & sugar free)
Promotes healthy breast milk (Artificial flavourant free)

Another benefit of the Motherkind Glow mama is that it is safe to use during pregnancy and the benefits include

Prevents & reduces cellulite & stretch marks (Yes please!)
Promotes skin elasticity (Bounce back after birth)
Alleviates general discomfort (strengthening of joints and muscles)
Prevents hair loss
Stabilises mood swings
Prevents pigmentation
Strengthens bones
Aids indigestion
Cleanses toxins from the body

Many other collagen products include a list of ‘flavourants’ which are chemicals, preservatives and other things that don’t have to be disclosed which bring the price down for the manufacturer.
MOTHERKIND Glow Mama is 96.7% pure collagen.

Factually, this would be 100% pure however we cannot factor out oxygen and hydrogen at 3.3%. In other words, Glow Mama is the purest form of collagen powder.

Ladies I have been using Motherkind Glow Mama for just over 2 months and I can promise you that this is one product you want to try out.

The condition of my hair and nails has improved vastly! The appearance of my cellulite has also had a remarkable reduction and even though I have been having some skin issues lately (hormonal changes “insert rolling eyes”) I think my skin would have looked much worse had I not been using Motherkind

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