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The LOVE CHILD of Maxine from Sugar-Free SundayMacro Mixes are the culmination of years of reading up on nutrition, experimentation both in the kitchen and with her diet, and a whole lotta love. Maxine wanted to create products that she wishes she had access to when she began her journey to living a healthier lifestyle.


I think of the trickiest parts when changing our lifestyles to a healthier one is often the cravings for something sweet.  And the temptation to buy a ready mix of whatever it is you are craving is far easier than trying to assemble something similar but healthier in the kitchen. 

Quick, healthy treats options just aren’t as freely available, that was until now.

Being passionate about the power of a whole food, minimally refined, and balanced diet and struggling to find products on the market that matched those requirements for her, Maxine found herself combining various things in order to make a suitable breakfast porridge or healthy loaf

While each and every product with be high protein and made with whole food ingredients, some are low carb, others are more evenly split between carbs and fats, and some are vegan. You can, however, be assured that all are proudly sugar, gluten and dairy free.

Maxine believes that Healthy eating shouldn’t be a chore. It shouldn’t be confusing or complicated. It should be easy, convenient and absolutely DELICIOUS. And through Macro Mixes, she hopes to provide that.

 Having your pantry stocked with Macro Mixes, you know you will be sorted when that temptation hits.

From Nana Loafs, muffins, cakes to pancakes the possibilities are endless with these versatile mixes

Make sure you head over to Sugar Free Sunday to see what else has been added to the Macro Mixes.

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  1. Janet Perry
    Janet Perry says:

    Would love to try the vegan ones … always nice to have a treat up your sleeve to surprise your family with!😁😁😁


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