With an unapologetic no excuse attitude when it comes to leading an active healthy lifestyle, this lady is currently dominating the world of social media when it comes to body transformation. Our featured mom for this weeks HealthyMomsZa is no other than Natasha from Fitlikemummy. She has also recently been named the new face and body of Fibo Lifestyle and fitness show (go have a read) and this lady is someone to follow if you are looking for some serious motivation when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle.

Tell us a bit more about yourself?

Mom/wife/work etc

I’m Natasha, wife to Clifford and mom to Ashton (14) and Skylar (10). Aviator by day and blogger by night. My 20-year career in aviation has resulted in me being a qualified aircraft engineer who currently works as an Airworthiness Inspector for the regulator. I am a food, fitness and lifestyle blogger on a mission to live her best life while finding a balance between being a fitster and foodie.
When and why do you choose a healthy lifestyle?

After being diagnosed with hypertension, dangerously high cholesterol and insulin levels in December 2017, I realized that I had no choice but to improve my health and fitness. I set out on a journey to lose weight, but very quickly realized that fitness is a lifestyle. My journey of weightless then turned to one of fitness and I haven’t looked back.

When and what workout do you do

Being a working mom, time is always a factor, so I mix things up between home workouts and gym workouts. I love weights so that’s the basis of my workouts. Being a type A personality, I tend to get bored easily so to keep things exciting and not to lose focus, I run (okay more like run/walk), attend group training dance classes and you will find me at just about every fitness event that’s available. Basically, I’m all about getting my body to move with my family in tow.

What inspires/motivates you to keep up with the lifestyle?

Initially, my sons were my only motivation to live a fit life.  I wanted to be healthy for them and I didn’t want them growing up without me.  Sounds dramatic, but that’s how badly my health had deteriorated to in December 2017.  As my journey progressed, I realized that I needed to do it for myself first and foremost.  I’m reaping the rewards in so many amazing ways that I don’t need more motivation than that.

Do you feel there is a bit of a stigma around healthy/fit moms? That they are frowned upon? They take time away from their family life to work out?

Being a mom, in general, is tough because for some ridiculous unknown reason moms are judged on every level.  The fact that we will be judged no matter the choice we make is reason enough to just do what’s best for us.  I, however, must admit that I receive an incredible amount of appreciation and support for the fact that I prioritize myself.  My family, friends, and followers love that I am a mom who lives a fit life.  To be completely honest, I’m incredibly selfish about my me time and I’m very open about that.  It’s so important to just DO YOU.  Life is way too short to live a life that is about pleasing everyone else but yourself.

What advice would you give to moms who want to lead a healthy lifestyle but feel they don’t have the time/knowledge to do so?

To all the moms out there, remember that you can’t pour from an empty cup.  Your health is indeed your wealth and for you to do the incredible work moms do, you need to be healthy.  Everyone has 20 minutes to spare, you just need to decide if you are important enough on your list of priorities and then find that 20 minutes in your day.  Your family will indeed benefit from you living a healthy life and if you can’t find 20 minutes just for you, then find 20 quality fitness minutes you can spend together as a family.  Its worth it, I promise you!


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