Talking Intimacy with Totally Me Tracy

At the last Mamma Meet up we were treated to the most delicious food and wine at the absolutely breathtaking Saxon Hotel in Johannesburg, spoiled even more with a stunning goodie bag containing a spa voucher to the luxurious spa and some goodies from Totally me Tracy that made us aware we were in for a very interesting night.

From her experience working with couples and families, Tracy realized that people have a strong pull towards the romantic notion that ‘love will conquer all and that the soul is always searching for peace with its other half. Based on these notions, Tracy strives to reconnect couples using modern day techniques from all fields of psychological and spiritual sources as a means of moving clients towards action.

Tracy is a qualified Social Worker and Intimacy Coach who is passionate about assisting couples and individuals wishing to transcend another level of intimacy within their relationships.

Intimacy can mean different things to different people, and before we can be intimate with our partners on whichever level that may be, we need to be in a self-loving relationship with ourselves first.

We all remember those first few years of our relationship, the attraction, and lust towards our partners. I don’t think this ever really goes away. I think it just gets overshadowed by the demands and stresses of our daily lives.

All humans want to be touched and loved, but throw in long working hours, newborn baby and all the other demands of being a parent our partners almost always get the last of whatever is left of us, and that isn’t always much.

But in order for us to connect and experience that deep level of connection with our partners we have to make the time and effort, as Tracy explained at the meetup, you can’t just sit back and expect your relationship to be what it was if you do not put in the time and effort.

Dress up and show up. Get a babysitter and go on a date night, regardless of how tired you are or how much you have on your plate the next day. Reconnect with each other .This person that you are too tired to spend time on is your person, the father of your children, your husband, the person you are going to grow old with surely they deserve some time and effort?

We are all guilty of falling into that rut of just getting by day by day and a date night or intimacy is to often seen as a special occasion whereas it should be seen as a necessity of your daily life.


Tracy has shared some very wise word and great advice on how to arrange the ultimate hot date night on her blog that you can read over here. Maybe even send the link to hubby (wink wink)


Tracy explains that as Human Beings, we are constantly interacting with the world around us and the people in it. We need to sharpen our tools in order to make this ride through life as smooth as possible.

By this I mean, zoning in on and improving the connections we have with ourselves and with the people in our lives.

Intimacy comes in various forms and so when a deep sense of connection exists within ourselves and in our relationships, we tend to feel more supported, therefore able to manage the demands and stresses of our environment.


For couples, Totally Me provides tools to reconnect sexually, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Coaching will facilitate the process of re-patterning old behavior and challenge existing and dysfunctional patterns. Find out where you have both been over the past decade, whilst raising children, making ends meet and building a future for your family.


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She also shares some of her wisdom on her blog which you find over here.


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