Are we losing the plot

So with an unplanned room renovation two weeks before James’s 2nd birthday party it left me with a bit of anxiety on how I was going to get everything done on time, especially with dad being away on his work trip which left me with no help.

With a ridiculous amount of Pinterest pictures saved as inspiration, a Planes party preparation was in full swing. Then, while scrolling through Pinterest for cake ideas I stopped and wondered why I was doing this? Was I really planning an Instagram picture perfect party for James? Because that’s what He wanted? Because that was what He was going to remember in a few years time? Or was I planning this party for everyone else and for a pretty picture to use on my social media?

Let me first clarify something! If you want to and do throw your kids elaborate birthday parties every year, then Mamma good for you! You are allowed to spend as much money as you want. It’s your kiddies and you have every right in the world to do so. Also, I’m not talking about a 1st birthday party because dammit woman you survived the first year of motherhood so you go ahead and host that 100 guests high tea party at the Westcliff

For me, this year, it just didn’t make sense. I feel like every event, every celebration, every damn day needs to be a perfectly currated picture these days. But you know what, im kinda over it.

My child was happy on his birthday. He had cake for breakfast (okay a twinkie because I forgot to buy cupcakes, and at 10 o’clock at night that was the closest thing to a cupcake I could find) he had a ball at Spur for breakfast with his cousins and then the afternoon was spend playing running and having a copious amount of sweets. I don’t have 1 picture of the day except for the one taken by my sister in law because I didn’t have my phone with me. I was present with my child for the entire day. No running around no stressing no posing. Nothing.

And you know what, I think he also thought it was a pretty awesome day. Maybe next year we will have another Pinterest party or not.

But his birthday did make me step back for a second and rethink a few things. Maybe we are losing the plot with social media. Trying to always portray this beautiful picture perfect life. Because no photo means it didn’t happen right? You know what, your life can be pretty awesome and perfect even if you don’t have a perfect curated picture.

I know mine is, for me at least

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